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At Hexagon Machine & MFG, we proudly provide our customers with exceptional 4-axis machine capabilities tailored to meet their diverse needs. We firmly believe that a 4-axis machine is an indispensable and versatile tool for any machine shop, offering an extensive range of capabilities for precise cutting and shaping of materials.

The inclusion of a fourth axis in our machines introduces additional rotational movement, enabling the creation of complex and intricate cuts with remarkable ease. One of the primary advantages of a 4-axis machine is its ability to achieve high-precision curved and contoured shapes. The fourth rotational axis empowers the tool to move around the material, resulting in the production of curves and shapes that would be unattainable with a 3-axis machine.

Furthermore, our 4-axis machines excel in creating undercut features in materials. This capability finds applications in various fields, including the development of molds for casting or injection molding. The ability to undercut allows for the fabrication of intricate shapes and designs that would otherwise be impossible.

With a 4-axis machine, we can also produce angled cuts and bevels with exceptional precision. This feature proves particularly valuable in industries such as aerospace, medical, and defense, where parts often require specific angles and tolerances to ensure a precise fit.

Additionally, our 4-axis machines possess the remarkable ability to produce 3D shapes and models. By seamlessly rotating the material along the fourth axis, our machines effortlessly create intricate designs and shapes. This capability finds widespread utility across industries, including manufacturing, prototyping, and product design.

Choose Hexagon Machine & MFG for our cutting-edge 4-axis machine capabilities, enabling you to unlock a world of possibilities in your machining operations. Contact us today to discuss how we can empower your manufacturing processes and bring your visions to life.


Milling up to 16” diameter

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