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Our Culture

Originating from humble beginnings, Hexagon Machine & Mfg was created through the merger of Red Line Machine & Mfg and Broomfield Custom Service. The merger arose from the need to specialize in certified multi-axis machine work and increased certification & traceability demands across several industries.

Intended to be a leader in meeting the complicated demands of our changing industry, we serve customers worldwide in aerospace, aviation, defense, medical, industrial, oil and gas, and robotics. From prototype to long-term production, Hexagon has the processes and infrastructure in place to deliver your products along with all of the certification and traceability requirements necessary.

In the summer of 2022, Hexagon partnered with Artesian Investments to continue the trajectory of serving customers and making quality products. With additional leadership and capital backing, Hexagon is situated to grow into the future and make positive impact in the community.

Mission Statement

To produce high-quality products through a combination of a talented team of machinists and top-of-class machines for our customers who solve a variety of complex problems. Parts are created through CNC machining processes including multi-axis turning and milling. Partnering to solve all your supply chain needs including coatings, inspections, certifications, JIT delivery, and more than just CNC machining.

  • Machinist-led: Founded by machinists and focused on making decisions that put machinists first and keeping them safe each day.
  • Empowerment: As a flat organization we realize our most valuable asset is our teammates. We want to give them the tools to be successful, grow personally and professionally.
  • Integrity: Trusting one another and the partners we work with is critical. Doing what is right is always on the forefront of our mind.

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