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Kicking Off the Space Symposium With Orbit Fab

The 39th Space Symposium ran from April 8th to 11th in Colorado Springs and we were excited to be a part of it. Our friends at Orbit Fab put together a great kickoff event we particularly enjoyed.

Hexagon is proud to have been a partner to Orbit Fab’s recent growth in the last year. We look forward to continuing to work with their growing team in the years ahead as they enjoy commercial success with their innovative refueling solutions.

If you haven’t attended or are not familiar with the Space Symposium you should definitely consider attending the next one. This year, the Colorado space economy welcomed thousands of industry participants from all over the world. Orbit Fab’s kickoff event included a full array of these attendees.

Some highlights from the event:

  • Quilty Space’s founder, Chris Quilty, talked about how the economic models in the space economy have become more venture related in the past 10 years. He also shared how select business models are proving to be cash flow positive which should bring a broader investor universe to the industry to drive growth.
  • Speakers mentioned how the LEO volumes of satellites and space-related assets remain incredibly robust. The need for refueling of space assets should allow for the economics of space investment to improve dramatically.
  • Commercial and government demands for increased maneuverability of space assets are both driving industry growth here in Colorado.
  • The standardization of manufactured inputs related for space assets (i.e., key components, like what we build at Hexagon) is creating increased volumes of demand for key parts which is driving growth at Hexagon.
We look forward to future Space Symposiums and to the future success of Orbit Fab!
The stage at the OrbitFab kickoff at the Space Symposium with a speaker kicking off events.
A panel discussion on stage at the kickoff.

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